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First off, forgive the lateness of my post. Tightness in my schedule led me to not read everything I wanted to as soon as I wanted to. But, now, at last, here's this weeks stack, and it's some good stuff. Here we go.

HERO OF THE WEEK: It's a first-time winner this week. Everyone's favorite chosen one, Buffy Summers, shines in Buffy: Season 8 #35. The conclusion of the craziest story arc of the series, part four of Twilight stars Buffy and her on-again, off-again, good-again, bad-again boyfriend, Angel. Because the TV series finale changed the status quo of the world so drastically, the universe had to correct itself, which meant selecting two people (Buffy and Angel) to go to the paradise dimension Twilight while the Earth was fixed (i.e. destroyed). Buffy has always been one to defy coonventions, and here she shows it off by choosing to save the world and her friends rather than live in heaven. It's exactly what we'd expect her to do, and yet it's satisfying to see her do it. Plus, the issue ends with Spike showing up! Spike! The series has one arc left before the finally and i'm really looking forward to what Joss Whedon does in it.

VILLAIN OF THE WEEK: Catman, hands down. Secret Six has made a point of tunring all of the irrevelent, D-List bad guys into badasses, and #21 is no different. Thomas Blake, still on the trail of the men who kidnapped his son, recounts his own childhood with his cruel and somewhat demented father. What happens in the flashback shows where Blake's fondness for felines came from and how he got so messed up. The present shows the effects, with Catman uttlerly tearing apart one of the mercenaries. It's twisted, it's badass, it's just what we'd expect from the series. Bravo, Simone and Calafiore. Bravo.

ISSUE OF THE WEEK: Brightest Day #0 introduced characters. Brightest Day #1 introduced plots. The characters all have their goals, and a few of them are established here. The united Lantern Corps (which from this point forward will be referred to as ULC) want to know who will be the first White Lantern (signs point to Deadman, which means it won't be him). Aquaman, for some reason, is still summoning dead sea creatures, and will have to fight the resurfaced Black Manta. Firestorm can't divide. Martian Manhunter has confusing memories about his past. And the Hawks are looking for the remains of their past lives. It's a lot of things going on, but it's good that the characters have direction beyond "We're back and we'll deal with it". And the artwork is gorgeous. Pencils are traded around by Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason, Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark, and Joe Prado, and it's all great, whether it's tense, bloody, dynamic, or just still and pretty. This looks to be a great series.

OTHER THINGS OF NOTE: Batman and Robin #12 was the closer to the "Batman vs. Robin" arc and one of the things I had to wait to read. It was worth it. It's not confusing or hard to follow as the last few issues and has two of the best villains ever. The first was Talia al Ghul, whose controlling behavior leads her son to be mind controlled (Just in time for Mother's Day!). The other is something of a twist. The identity of Detective Oberon Sexton has been a mystery for a little while, and here it's revealed to be none other than *** *****. No, i'm not telling. Go read it. It's awesome. Grant Morrison kicks ass.

New Ultimates #2 proves that this series is one to be avoided, because that sort of thing really needed confirming. Whereas issue one was just insulting in it's stupidity and treatment of the characters, issue two is downright boring. The women of the Ultimates are being turned evil by Amora the Enchantress who's working for Loki and Thor's coming back and some dumb tish is happening and I don't care about any of it because it's so stupid. It's not even entertaining stupid, it's just stupid stupid. kcuF this series.

Amazing Spider-Man #630. I know i've missed this stuff for a little bit, but i've dived back in and i'm glad. Curt Connors is back as the Lizard (with his animal instincts acting as a sort of DID) and Peter's personal life is complicated and funny. I don't like the new design for the Lizard, but who knows, maybe it's grow on me. We'll see.

And now it's time for the QUOTE OF THE WEEK! This week's quote comes from Batman and Robin #12:

Talia: I'll always love you in my own way. And I will permit you to leave with your circus boy in tow. But from now on, Damian, you are no longer welcome here. You may consider yourself an enemy of the House of al Ghul.
Damian: Very well. I hope I can be a worthy one, mother.

And that's my stuff for this week. Thanks for reading. I'll see you next time.

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